Pie-jacking, Homework, Carpools, Oh My

A pie for Pi Day

A pie for Pi Day Source: Andrew Storms/st0rmz.

Update on PieGate: The pie I dropped off on Friday that went missing? Was delivered to her teacher by another student. Faith restored that her pie was not in fact jacked on Pi Day.

Funny of the day? A school administrator told me that ONE HUNDRED PIES were dropped off at the school office by parents last Friday. 100!! So I am not the only crazy parent who made a “mercy run” to a school (25 minutes each way for me) to drop off a $6 pie so that my daughter could get extra credit! Just saying… The PTA would make a MINT if they ran a Pi Day Pie Fundraiser!

Update on homework: Almost no gnashing of teeth. Absolutely no rending of garments. And a complete absence of fuss over the homework…all three assignments. What a change from September!

Update on carpool dropoff: What can I say? It’s the day after a snow day so everyone was parked about 2 feet away from snow drifts. There was hardly any room to move. Cars were parked every which way. Once the snow melts, carpool dropoff will be back to normal.

Update on missing permission slip(s): Permission slips and “homework to be signed and returned to the teacher” are the BANE of my existence. I have tried clipping all the permission slips together. I have tried a binder. I have tried a folder. My latest organizational tool is that I thumbtack the slips to the kitchen bulletin board. Seems to work better than other methods since I walk by the board multiple times a day. Still it would be nice not to have one of my children grill me on where the permission slip is. Of course this evening, I grilled a kid on why I was signing a permission slip today that was due back to school March 11. Apple = tree

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