Perfect Fall Day

Our neighborhood costume parade: My son is Darth Vader. My middle daughter opted not to wear her costume “Candy Corn Witch” as it was too cold. My oldest opted to stay in her room.

We are a sports family. I am chuckling as I write this since I play no sports myself. I “workout” at the health club and “swing” a tennis racket around, but that is all. My kids are sports kids. The oldest plays volleyball year-round and swims on a summer swim team. The middle one plays volleyball year-round and swims on a year-round swim team. The little one plays soccer and swims, as well.

From the time my oldest was 18 months we have been driving from one activity to another, sometimes two in one night. Weekends are busy for us for the entire year. If we don’t have an early Saturday morning swim meet, we have a Saturday soccer match or a Sunday volleyball game. Yesterday was a rare Sunday with no volleyball games.

After a good night’s sleep, on Sunday we headed to church. Now we have not gone to church since early September, so it was a necessary task. My husband who is not Catholic surprised us by attending. My son is much better behaved at mass when Dad is there…yay Dad. A bonus…yesterday was the church breakfast…yay bacon.

With full stomachs, it was off to the pumpkin patch at our local fruit picking farm, Larriland Farms. Husband groaned as he wanted to go home and watch the Redskins. I am American by citizenship, not birth, and it never fails to amaze me how obsessed he is with football. To me it is just a game…to him cue: dramatic music. Failed to find tiny pumpkins in pumpkin patch. Oldest daughter has had a tiny pumpkin, just a little bigger than a tennis ball, since she was a toddler on her first pumpkin patch field trip. The size she chooses is not good value for money, but she loves it. So her brother and sister had to have a tiny pumpkin as well. As luck would have we found 3 small pumpkins, 3 mini gourds, and 5 honey sticks for a whopping $5.49. Woohoo…I love a bargain.

Add in a trip or two around the straw maze, a run through the “boo barn,” and homemade apple fritters, and a good time was had by all. My oldest drifted back to the car to read the new Stephanie Meyers book, without being surly or grumpy, when we were heading to the maze.

We were home in time for me to clean the van. Here’s what I removed from the van: 27 Hot Wheels cars, a diary, 4 pairs of socks, 2 beach chairs, a broken pinata, a neat sheet, two soccer balls, 7 bottles of water, and 6 first reader books. Here’s what I did not remove from the van: MY BRAND NEW RAYBAN SUNGLASSES. Not that I am upset or anything! I found 2 cheapo pairs of course, but not the much researched, much coveted pair.

At 3 p.m. we walked to the top of the court and joined our neighborhood Halloween costume parade. This is year 14 and we have 10 kids. The HOA hired a moon bounce and provides food. My younger two kids love it; the oldest would rather read a book, than stand in the cold. We finished the day with a drive to the in-laws for dinner.

A good time had by all. Thanks to no volleyball games!

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