Paybacks Are Tough

Just posted a contest for a prize I really want! To enter the competition you have to post about your worst conference call, so you have a chance of winning an iphone. Squeee! But, it’s from the Momfluence network. I’m a member so cannot enter. Harrumph!

However, I can share my 100 percent true, hot of the presses confernece call nightmare that happened TODAY! I set up this call weeks ago. It was on the calendar. I gave the children advance notice. I made lunch. I set them up with the icky sticky Jonas Brothers Concert DVD. All set, right? Wrong! So wrong.

10 minutes in to the conversation I hear an ear-splitting, off the charts loud scream. I race in to the family room to see my 13-year-old watching her brother and sister standing in the middle of the floor. She was shell-shocked. I did not even listen to what the 6-year-old and 10-year-old had to say. I sent both up to their bedrooms and resumed my call.

The irony I was talking to an author about parenting children and teens. Some expert I am.

After the call I called both down to get an explanation. The 6 yo said that the 10 yo was playing with his toy. The 6 yo hit the 10 yo with a part of a Stormtroopers helmet. The 10 yo hit the 6 yo with the same helmet. The 6 yo was shocked that he had been hit by his sister. Hence the ear-splitting screaming. 

I’m actually glad that the 10 yo hit back. She can be a bit passive. I suspect the 6 yo will not hit again. Both lost TV privileges for the day.

The summer is going well one day and abysmally the next. I need a plan. Today showed me that we need the structure of the school day even if they aren’t at school.

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