Save Money and Energy at the Great American Bulb Swap #DC

Great American Bulb Swap Cree LED Light BulbDisclosure: I was given a gift card and a Cree Light Bulb Starter Kit as compensation for writing this post. The views expressed in the post are my own.

Everyone has a job in my house. I take care of grocery shopping, ferrying kids to activities, cleaning, setting up doctors’ appointments, and laundry. The kids keep their bedrooms clean (more or less!), do their homework, and do their assigned chores. My husband takes care of yard work, meal prep, and household repairs. He’s also the person in charge of changing light bulbs. He’s 6′ 1″ and I am not. He can stand on a chair and I will not. He cannot tolerate a dead light bulb and I can make do.

When a bulb goes out, I know that my husband will step in and fix it. He is light sensitive. Has a touch of seasonal affective disorder. He does not like dark rooms. When he sees a light bulb that has burned out he will fix it immediately. My role in the bulb swapping process is that (a) I remind him that a bulb needs replacing, and (b) I set up a storage box for all the new light bulbs. This division of labor works for both of us!

Do you know about the Great American Bulb Swap? At the Great American Bulb Swap you can trade in your old light bulbs in exchange for new light bulbs. The Great American Bulb Swap is happening this weekend in Washington, D.C.

Have you switched to LED light bulbs? My husband, our resident light bulb changer(!), has switched almost all of our light bulbs to LED light bulbs from the old mercury-laden CFL or incandescent light bulbs. Using LED Light Bulbs saves money and energy.

This weekend — Saturday and Sunday, December 6-7, 2015 — Cree will give you a NEW Cree LED Light Bulb when you bring in your old CFL and incandescent bulbs to the Great American Bulb Swap at Eastern Market in Washington, D.C. The Great American Bulb Swap will take place this weekend:

  • WHEN: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, December 6-7, 2015
  • WHERE: Eastern Market, 225 7th Street, SE, Washington, D.C.
  • WHAT: Bring in your old CFL or incandescent light bulbs and Cree will give you ONE Cree LED Light Bulb for FREE!

Cree LED Light Bulbs are up to 85 percent more energy efficient than “energy-hogging incandescent bulbs.” Cree LED Light Bulbs are also mercury free and provide “superior light quality.” Did you know that Cree LED Light Bulbs last up to 22 years? Wow! That means a Cree LED Light Bulb could last for the next 5 Presidents! Imagine all the money you will save!

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