Our TV Interview Was Awesome!

My morning was rushed, rushed, and more rushed. Everything went not quite according to plan.

  • Got kids off to school. Check.
  • Got some work done. Check.
  • Cleaned up house for interview. Uncheck.
  • Mapquested directions to dr. office…intended to use GPS rather than printout. Check.
  • Searched unsuccessfully for GPS. Uncheck.
  • Realized it was in Coach Dad’s truck…double grrr. Uncheck.
  • Realized I forgot to give Sporty Daughter her medication. Had to drive to school in an already tight time crunch. Uncheck.
  • Late to get Crafty Daughter from school…as I was waiting in foyer of school I saw her walking to me at a slow pace — molasses slow. Uncheck.
  • Hit every red light and every bit of traffic on way to Dr. appt. in Gaithersburg. Uncheck.
  • And, you guessed it waited at doctor’s office for quite a while.

As I drove home from doctor’s I ran through what I had to do before the TV news crew arrived at 3 p.m. I mean I agreed to have a TV crew in my very messy house. What exactly was I thinking??? My cleaning method — dump things in boxes and dump boxes in garage. Call me in a month when I realize I stashed a library book in a bag somewhere in garage. Crafty Daughter was assigned a couple of tasks, but somewhere along the way she donned her bathrobe over her clotehs and really she was not exactly in work mode once she was robed. I think she might have fallen asleep on the counch had I let her.

But, on to the interview…coolness, total and utter coolness. The crew was Kathleen Cairns and Brian the video guy. Both from Fox 45 WBFF in Baltimore. Both put me — and the children — totally at ease.

Turns out my house was in good shape….Brian only filmed in the kitchen and the familyroom. Disastrous diningroom and packed playroom were not needed for this shoot!

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