Orthodontic Visit: Observations

I took my 10-year-old daughter (Sporty Daughter) to the orthodontist today. Here’s my thoughts:

  • Taking one child anywhere is so relaxing. I could talk to my daughter and not have to listen to my son’s incessant talking.
  • Picking my daughter up at the start of recess/lunch means that she does not miss any school work. Yay for me, boo for her. Actually she really likes school…it is her older sister who would ask to go home rather than back to school after an orthodontist appointment.
  • I just might have the “most enthusiastic about any doctor or dentist visit” child. She is so ready to get braces. My bank account is not quite so ready. I will have two in braces for a short while. She will start in about 6 months. Yikes.
  • We obviously stop for too much fastfood when my daughter hears me say “Should we…” and immediately jumps in with “Yes, let’s go to McDonald’s!”
  • A woman sitting in her minivan eating a salad must either eat in her car a lot or love a particular brand of salad dressing to have a huge bottle in her cup holder.
  • My kids’ orthodontist office has made such an effort to be welcoming to kids…play area, three TVs, gaming console station. Kids love the office!
  • A BK milkshake sundae is delicious even if all I got was the dregs at the bottom of her cup.
  • When I went to the backseat to get her milkshake out of the cup holder, I noticed that my daughter treats the backseat like a bedroom…pillow, hairbrush, book, toys on floor.

After sitting here twittering and blogposting, I really should be de-decorating my house. My daughter is having a 13th birthday party this weekend. I need to unChristmas the house by Friday or else. Every year I wait until her birthday to take down decorations…’tis a tradition…a procrastinating tradition, but a tradition nonetheless.

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