Now I Know How I Will Recharge My Batteries… #BlogHer #BlogHer10

I am a BlogHer newbie. Got off the waitlist a month ago. Have no hotel room. Have a vague plan for how to get to NYC.

One thing I know for sure. BlogHer will be busy. In a good way, but busy nonetheless. I am a high energy, go til the last minute type, but even I am worried. Worried about what?

The noise. The length of time at the event. The meeting and greeting part. I can be as cheerful as the next person, but I get tongue tied if I have to explain who I am/what it is that I do over and over again. After a while I know that I am “done” and in need of a break.

At Mom 2.0 I retired to my room on the first night. The Mad Men cocktail party was so much fun. I chatted with someone about volunteering until the end. I think we closed down the joint. I somehow missed the memo about everyone heading upstairs to the restaurant/bar. Feeling tired and at a loose end, I drifted back to my hotel room, but I was unable to sleep or get anything done. I rested a bit, and made a second appearance downstairs refreshed. Removing yourself from a hectic environment can ready you for a successful re-entry a short while later.

At BlogHer I will be using the Serenity suite!

By the way, are you a brand? I would LOVE to connect with you about sponsorship. I can help you get the word out about your brand or service while I attend BlogHer and before and after the conference. I have worked with brands such as Nerf, Build-a-Bear Workshop, Old Navy, and many others. If you want to chat about how I can help your company, let’s connect. My e-mail is JillAnneBerry @ msn . com

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