NaBloPoMo Oooops I Messed Up

Well, I did it. I messed up the NaBloPoMo. Thought I had a post scheduled to go and I was wrong. Oh well, tomorrow is another day…when I will blog.

This weekend was a whirlwind of activity. Let’s recap shall we?

– Friday…middle school dance for crafty girl

– Saturday…soccer game for adventure boy near home
– Saturday…swim meet for adventure boy and sport girl in Virginia
– Saturday…walk along C&O Canal in Great Falls, MD
– Saturday…family birthday dinner at Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe…yum
– Saturday…back to my parent’s house for after dinner movie viewing…kids watched Kit: An American Girl and adults watched Airplane
Saturday…gratefully drove home to bed

– Sunday…kids let us sleep in…yay
– Sunday…husband cooked breakfast…yay
– Sunday…adventure boy and I drove to watch sporty girl and crafty girl play volleyball semifinal games…sadly neither girls’ team won, but both girls did their best
– Sunday…Book Club…good food, good book, good friends
– Sunday…catching up on e-mails, twitter, e-mails, twitter…

A busy weekend was had by all. Right now, weekends such as this make me long for my pre-children days of snoozy Saturdays and napping Sundays. Of course, when the kids are grown I will miss these weekends. Never satisfied!

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