My Worst Fear…Mice!

I am afraid of mice. There I said it! Not Mickey, but all other slithery, mouse-like creatures. Did you know that mice can squeeze their bodies through the tiniest cracks and openings?

Here’s the thing I live in a semirural area. I never know when I will see a mouse in my yard, garage, field, anywhere. I screamed when I saw a mouse balanced on the edge of a tall recycling bin in my darkened garage. I was frozen in place.

Twice I have seen dead mice in the garage. Once I got my husband to dispose of the mouse. Once I had to do it myself since my kids were about to get on the school bus and would have to walk near the trashcan. I had to scrape the dead mouse out of a small trash can — he was frozen in place, transfer it without touching the mouse to a large box of trash. About a minute later a huge gust of wind knocked the box over and you guessed it the mouse fell out of the box. This time I secured the dead mouse in a box.

We had mice within the walls of our house. I would sit at my computer and listen to mice running up the walls. Creepy! We installed devices that fit in an electrical outlet and emit a sound obnoxious to mice. Most mice are repelled by the sound, but in the cold some seek shelter in our garage anyway. I would, too.

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