My World

So, what is happening in my world:

1. Spending too much time on PC…twitter…Facebook.

2. Searching for part-time jobs that would fit school schedule. Applied to 2 jobs.

3. Dealing with school nonsense.
5th grader: needs to learn how to write an essay…why has she never been taught this? Think 4th grade was a waste…teacher read to children constantly, but did not teach writing. Why is this? I think the 4th grade team at my children’s school is in trouble. My push to get my daughter moved to a higher reading group has stalled. May need to find another solution. I am worried about middle school for her. Trying, but not succeeding, to not fret/overanalyze/worry about her.

Kindergartner: Loves school. Reads more words each day. I don’t hear many things about his day. I worry that he is not getting the math instruction. He can do simple math facts…not sure if math has begun for him at school…perhaps math is interspersed throughout the day…don’t want him to lose ground.

7th grader: So, what about the 7th grader… The child I worry about constantly…the child who has given me a run for my money…the child who has caused more than a few gray hairs. This child has all As, except for a C in math. Last year was a nail biter with so-so grades in math and missing assignments. This year she seems to have put it all together. I am so proud of her.

Also, for years she has had the same group of 4 or 5 friends. Lately I have noticed her talk about these girls less and less. I thought she meshed with them, but she has mentioned reading a book or sketching while her friends talk at lunch. I think she feels left out of the conversation. For one her friends are allowed to watch ANYTHING on TV or at the movies. Her friends are very boy crazy and in to cheerleading as well–too things she is not obsessed with. Seriously, PG-13 movies…questionable TV shows. I am not a prude but I have to draw the line somewhere. Well, a few weeks ago her friends went to see “House Bunny,” a PG-13 movie. After the fact my daughter mentioned that she was sad that she could not go as the movie was PG-13. I told her that I wasn’t happy with the movie’s message. The funny thing is that she did not even ask me if she could go…she assumed I would say no. I told to her always come to me so that we can discuss. Well, I think she is testing out the waters with another group of friends to see if she has more in common with them. I am proud of her for branching out and meeting other people.

4. Decluttering my basement. Goal: trying to see how many toys I can consign or toss without my children noticing. My children have eagle eyes when it comes to their stuff. People I am playing with fire here!

5. This is a big one…trying to decide what I will do with the rest of my life, now that I know that graphic design is not my thing. Last year I was in a graduate graphic design program…it was a nightmare. I need to do a post on the craziness I enfured from January through May 17.

3 comments for “My World

  1. Rebeckah
    September 25, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    Ummmmmmmmm. House Bunny for 13 year olds? That is crazy. What kind of parents would let a kid that is 13 go see a movie that stars someone who is an ex playmate. COME ON! This baffles me. And makes me angry. Don’t parents care at all anymore? ICK!

    I am so glad your kids are having a good year besides the essay writing, that is : )! We just started back after the strike. It’s been a struggle so far. Heart breaking!

    Let’s be facebook friends : ) My email is

    I haven’t tried twitter yet. Do you love it?

  2. Mom on the Run
    September 26, 2008 at 3:09 am

    Rebeckah–I have fun with twitter…it is part posting what tyou are doing at a given moment and part eavesdropping on other people’s conversations. My twitter name is “musingsfromme”

    I am on facebook as Jill Berry from Baltimore, MD.

    I did not know you had a teacher strike in your area. I wondered why you had a late start. I thought you might have a year-round school.

  3. JusRobin
    September 27, 2008 at 12:35 am

    Hi so I’m stopping by just to check out some of your blogs, thanks for the comment on my hubs that’s awesome and I did reply to you so you can check that out, not sure if an email was sent to you or not. So Funny about too much time on the pc, me too and it must stop, but what else do you do to keep the sanity? I too, am a mom to 1 Ten year old girl and I couldn’ picture having two around the same age, Good luck to you! I’m not looking forward to the teen years at all, but I guess I’ll write about it to stay sane. Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to check out my blogspot anytime I’ll be subscribing to you and checking back often to see what’s new in “your world” Til then Ta Ta


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