My World, My World for a Strong Internet Connection

I can just about remember it. It was strong. Robust even. Hearty. Reliable. Made of solid stock. Never let me down. What am I talking about? Why my FIOS internet, of course. I loved it so. I’d log on to the dining room computer or my office computer and in 1, 2, 3 seconds I would hear the steady hum of the internet kicking in. Does intenert make a sound? No, probably the sound is the computer revving up. In fact often I don’t notice any perceptible difference when the computer turns on except that I have a reliable internet signal. And do I ever take my steady as a rock internet for granted.

After 5 days in 2 hotels I have hd my fill of wonky, chugging along and hopeless internet. Although the hotel internet I had on the last part of my trip was a far cry from the internet I have now.

I’m at the beach. In a condo 21 stories up. My only option for internet is to buy from a service. It’s not based in the condo building. Judging by the name it’s located at the beach. But the service is so-so at best. I have to place my laptop on the edge of a table. Angle it just so. Last night I walked around the room to see where the best signal was. Right now in the most opportune spot in the condo I have 2 bars. I’ve never had 6 bars. I dream of 6 bars.

So here I sit with my two bars. Contorted. Holding my laptop at the corner. Praying that I don’t lose what little signal I have.

When was a time when you had a horrible internet connection  AND had to get something done?

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