My Take Away from Blogging Conferences

My two cents worth on conferences. I have attended 1 conference–the TypeAMom Conference in Asheville, NC. I write for TypeAMom so it was a natural fit. It was my first conference. I was a little overwhelmed. I found it had to take it all in. My takeaway was:

– Wear casual clothing plus comfy shoes as you might have to do quite a bit of walking around the hotel.
– Having a laptop is great if you want to take notes during the sessions. I turned my notes in to a blogpost or two.
– Having a smart phone is great so that you can keep track of friends via twitter.
– If you agree to go to the conference through sponsorship. Work out in advance of the conference what your role will be. I had two sponsors. I was overwhelmed as I tried to tweet, post, and represent both sponsors by handing out business cards.
– Many conferences are moving away from overt sponsorship. I know many bloggers who are agreeing to write posts before and after the conference in exchange for sponsorship, instead of handing out swag.
– Work out in advance a dropdead date for being paid by your sponsor for travel/hotel expenses. One sponsor paid me in about two business days.  I have yet to be paid by the other of my sponsors. I’m not happy. I will get paid!
– Most sponsors will want you to submit receipts for the exact amount of your expenses.

My plans for 2010. I won a conference pass to Mom 2.0. I’m thrilled! If you are going AND need a roomie let me know!

I’m going to SITS — Secret is in the Sauce — Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore.

Blogher would be awesome, but it’s in August…prime vacation time for our family.

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