My Kids Would Love to Do This!!!

Coffee. Juice. Soy Sauce. Lasagna. What do these 4 items have in common besides tasting good? Stains and lots of them.

Ever try to get juice out of a kid’s shirt? Or a pasta sauce stain out of a crisp white blouse? Yeah, good luck with that! Juice, soy sauce, and spaghetti sauce are almost impossible to remove.

Watch how these folks find out about stains…and have fun in the process. Can washing be fun? Is making a mess fun? You bet.

The contest will be active until Friday, September 16th and the winner will be announced Monday, September 19th.

I will be compensated for this post through a promotional incentive from Clorox Service Company and Big Fuel Communication, LLC for telling moms about Clorox 2 Mommy Blogger Challenge. The views expressed in the post are my own.

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