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When not blabbing on this blog, I’m writing about preteens here. When not going on and on about preteens, I tweet concisely in 140 characters or less unless I have too much to say…then I use 2 tweets , which defeats the purpose of twitter. Seriously. So what am I doing when I am not blogging about my family, babbling about preteens, and squeezing every last character in to my twitter tweet? I’m here writing about raising kids the DC Metro area.

I guest post as well…see my latest on being a mom trapped at home with kids while working over here.

When not blogging, tweeting, Facebooking (is this even a word?), LinkedIn-ing (I know this isn’t a word), I promote a safe online network for preteens and teens: Yoursphere. Have you heard of it? No, then check it out! Click here.

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