My Fruit Roll-Ups…Winner, Winner, Chuck E. Cheese Winner!

I picked a winner. The winner has been contacted by e-mail. Once I hear from her, I’ll e-mail the code to her so that she can customize her very own My Fruit Roll-Ups. Congratulations, msbabedoll!

The birthday party stories were FUNNY! Chuck E. Cheese birthdays were mentioned many times by posters. Sporty Daughter love Chuck E. Cheese. We go on the day of her birthday for her birthday dinner/outing. She loves the prizes…junk to me, treasure to her!

Donna – “We went to Chuck E cheese for my daughter’s birthday, and she hid under the table because she was scared of Chuck E.”

Christina G. – “My daughter’s funniest birthday party was when we went to Chuck E. Cheese and the attendant had to crawl in after her because she wouldn’t come out of the balls area.”

Mrs.mommyy – “My daughter yelled stranger danger, stranger danger when Chuck E. touched her arm — she had just learned about strangers and was told to practice…”

justicecw – “We went to Chuck E Cheese for my son’s last birthday and after we sang Happy Birthday one of the other child guests blew out the candles….my son began to scream and cry!”

lisawonbig – “We were visiting my in-laws in a distant state on my son’s birthday, and they decided to take him to Chuck E. Cheese. They didn’t realize how scared he was of crowds. (He’s autistic.) So he hid in the ball pit for most of the party.”

mogrill – “A dog went running thru the Chuck E. Cheese at my daughters party and knocked over the cake!! Interesting party!”

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