My Ancestors

I applied to be one of the bloggers who would get the chance to tour Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on the Thursday of BlogHer (August 5) as part of the Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project. I don’t think I was chosen. I haven’t heard anything.

I desperately want to go on the tour. Why?

My stepgrandfather came through Ellis Island as a young man. He led a herd of cattle from England, across the Channel, to Ellis Island. From Ellis Island, he made his way to California where he sold the cattle. Legend has it that he lost all his money by the time he reached New York City.

I made my way to New York City from England, too. I arrived at JFK not Ellis Island. Twice. I emigrated to the U.S. twice: as a 4-year-old and as an 18-year-old college student. I became a U.S. citizen in 1992. I am proudly raising my 3 children in the United States of America!

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