Musings on Schooling, Working, and Writing

In many ways our family unit is thriving. Kids are at school and doing well. Coach Dad is at work and practice. I am well…what am I doing exactly…oh, that’s right writing. And writing and writing. I am actually earning money. O.K. and by MONEY I actually mean money in lowercase. No big bucks coming my way just yet. Patience is not what I am good at — at all.

That is the broad brush strokes answer to the question: How are you doing?

The “down and dirty” answer is that I am starting to feel guilty for the time I am writing for TypeAMom and the other sites and of course, this site. When I am not actually earning an income. Of course since I am joined at the hip to the computer, I am not spending money – which is good. But, I would so love to bring in a paycheck.

So, today I opened an e-mail from Not sure why I opened this one, since I usually ignore and delete. Well, I opened it and saw that it was for a listing of part-time jobs. Yay, that is just what I need. A job that would fit in with my kid’s bus schedules. I applied for the unlikeliest of jobs — an aide/teacher in a preschool. Now I am not in any way shape or form qualified except for volunteer positions at school, church, and preschool. I have to say I loved the filling out of the application and the finding the resume and the writing a cover letter.

Will it result in a job. Who knows, but it made me feel good to do something. I need a part-time job, that will still allow me to raise my children and pursue a writing career. Now the writing career may not pan out, but it is early days and I would like to give this “writing posts and getting ad revenue a try.”

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