Musings on England Trip: Hope for Youth

Editor’s Note: I will post on our trip to England in a series of short posts. So much to write about, but I want to make it manageable for myself to write. Stay tuned. Today: Hope for Youth

I was in a McDonald’s in London with my family. The McDonald’s was in a shopping mall attached to the Hammersmith London Underground station —  a busy, bustling station. We were headed in to London to the Globe Theater and HMS Belfast that day.

A group of young guys were sitting eating breakfast at the next table. They were chatting and liberally sprinkling their conversation with curse words. After the fourth or fifth curse word I was starting to wonder when one of my children would come out of their morning fog and start listening. I leaned over to the friendliest looking of the guys and said “there are kids back here could you mind your language.” Yes, I have become my mother!

The young guy looked apologetic and immediately shushed his friends. The group was good about not using bad language. The guy I spoke to gave his friends a reminder or two.

We left the McDonald’s and my kids were none the wiser about the incident. They were too busy devouring Hotcakes and Sausages and Orange Juice with bits (English for pulp).

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