Musings on Disney

A friend posted about needing tips for a trip to Disney. I left an encyclopedia for a comment…

Sneaker and socks for all — lots of walking.

Fast Pass — when you arrive at the park go immediately to the Fast Pass rides (Magic Kingdom–Winnie the Pooh ride). Put your Disney entry tickets in the Fast Pass machines to get a ticket for the ride. The ticket will show time you must return. Ride a ride close by and then do Fast Pass. Check WDW website for Fast Pass rides. You can have one Fast Pass at a time.

Dumbo v. Aladdin ride — My husband says the wait for Dumbo is so long that you might want to do the Aladdin Carpet Ride instead. Same ride. The wait for Dumbo is long.

Getting wet — If you are planning on doing Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom bring ponchos — you will get wet. Take your shoes off and stow in the center section of the inner tube. We used the rain ponchos that we got on the Maid of the Mist ride at Niagara Falls. Recycling!

Stroller — I would see how kids do for morning. If they are tired hire stroller. I got a double for a 3 + 5 yo. I insisted both ride so that we could get to rides quickly. The next trip I got a single stroller for 3 yo, but 7 yo was able to sit on the foot rest. Maybe get a single stroller and have them take turns. You can pay for a stroller at one park and then pick up another stroller at another park.

Monorail — If you get there early ask conductor to let you sit in the driver’s cabin. I think 4 people are allowed. My kids thought it was so fun to sit up with the driver.

Autograph Books — Before you go to Disney or when you get there buy autograph books and bring a good pen so that you are ready for character signings. One book per kid. I thought I could get away with having my 3 yo use a notepad…nope, he wanted an autograph book like his sisters.

Fanny packs — I gave each child a fanny pack. In it I placed an index card with our hotel information, my name, and cell phones. The fanny packs also held a camera, tissues, and spending money.

Princesses — For princess fans check out Storytime with Belle in MK near Carousel. We went in 2001 — might have changed. Belle puts on the Beauty play with help from kids. My 5 yo was Chip the Cup.

Scary rides — My 3 + 5 yo were terrified on Pirates of Carribean. It was dark and loud. We purchased lightup necklaces for any other in-the-dark rides. My 3 yo son was fine on that ride. Kids are so different.

Play Areas — There’s an area behind Tomorrowland called Toon Town — Mickey and Minnie’s houses, Goofy’s roller coaster. I found that my kids got fidgety in lines so we let them run off steam at the Winnie the Pooh play area and the Toon town play area.

Snacks — I’m not sure how strict Disney is about snacks, but we packed granola bars. Sometimes kids are hungry RIGHT NOW and don’t want to wait. We also packed a water bottle or two.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share? Please comment!

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