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Busy is what I do. Sometimes I am so busy that I forget to eat. Busy can mean I get maybe 4 hours of sleep and a couple of cat naps. I thrive on busy.

But busy is not good for me. The lack of sleep leads to heavy consumption of caffeine. The endless cups of coffee leads to an upset stomach. The upset stomach and other feelings of yuckiness lead to lack of completion of work due. Lack of completion of work leads to feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. Busy is not a good place to be.

But the work I do is all consuming right now. I’m running around one minute trying to find a fax machine in my small town. The next minute I am staring at the computer wishing for more time to write, tweet, promote, network. Busy is not my friend right now.

So, what am I doing to change my life?

– I gave up caffeine. Yes, it is possible for me to live without caffeine. I did it while pregnant with all 3 kids. Occasionally I would ask my husband if I could sniff his Diet Coke — sad, but true.

– I set a goal for myself to exercise. I knew I would ignore this goal, so I started a list in my journal listing exercise done each day. Now I have no excuse to assume I exercised every other day when I actually only exercised once a week. If my exercise routine is written down I feel as though I have accomplished something.

– Speaking of lists I now write down all foods eaten. This is eye-opening. Snacks add up to empty calories. A skipped lunch can lead to overating at dinner. A huge dinner makes me want to snack more. My secret…I don’t have one, but I do make sure that my snack sizes are smaller. I think out my food for the day.

I’m a work in progress. Today I did not exercise. I am now drinking a Diet Coke. Tomorrow is another day.

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