Musings from Me Update: Bloggieversary!

birthday-cakeSo, if you’re a regular on this blog you will notice that the last 10 posts have been reviews or giveaways or both. That’s how I’m rolling this week and last week. And, probably the following week.

I’m celebrating the Anniversary of this blog. My Bloggieversary! Is this even a word? Not sure, but I’m using it and celebrating the anniversary of when I started writing on this blog regularly.

I started the blog about 6 months before I started writing regularly, but did not post regularly or know anything about social media or review products. My blog is very different now to what it was then. If you click this link, you can still see what this blog looked like: Oldie! 

My blog has:

– a brand new header — designed by Mariana.

– a new place to live — I purchased a domain name.

– a new look — Mariana transferred my blog to WordPress. 

In the next few days, I will post about some of the awesome items that I will giveaway next week. I’m super excited and hope you will be , too.

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