Medieval Times and More

A few years ago, I scored the coup of a deal for my family. Medieval Times had long held one of the top spots on my “Musings from Me List of Must-Do Stuff.” After many years of having kids who were too young to appreciate all that is fabulous about Medieval Times, we were able to go.

The tickets are pricey. I knew going to Medieval Times with my family of 5 would be an expensive endeavor. Too expensive even with 3 children. I thought about and thought about it. Finally a light bulb went off. I asked my parents if they would consider counting going to Medieval Times as my birthday dinner and birthday present all rolled in to one. While I wasn’t sure how my parents would deal with the noise level of MT, my parents love eating out as a family. They readily agreed. Our group of 5 became 7 then 11 once another relative’s family joined us. Add in two visiting friends from England and we had a real Baker’s Dozen.

Now, taking 13 people to MT is very pricey as I said before. Next stop…deals!

I’m no #extremecouponer. I once saved $40 grocery shopping, but I don’t go to the extremes of buying…uh…stockpiling 60 jars of mustard. No, I go for coupons for a free item that I get from blogging conferences and events or I find the high value coupons and stock up on food and drinks and cleaning products that we need.

A passion of mine is discounts on events, plays, and sporting events. I don’t know about you but taking the family to a museum can get really pricey. I always try to find a coupon or a deal. Here’s a deal–actually a couple of deals–for events in D.C. and Baltimore.

For our family experience at Medieval Times I was able to avail myself of a special offer where anyone with a birthday the month you were going to MT got in free. We had 3 free birthdays! Love a good saving!

And before I forget, here’s a deal from GoldStar for discounted tickets to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Baltimore, MD. Full price tickets range from $38.44-$60.44, with the GoldStar price $21.64-$33.92. Find the deal here!

I am a GoldStar affiliate. Sign up to be an affiliate with my link. Earn $$ for deals sold.

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