McCain or Obama = Free Coffee

I’m not about to open up a political can of worms. Not gonna let that happen. I won’t be telling you who to vote for or who I will be voting for. Everyone should have the right to form their own opinion and vote their conscience.

Even though I am not exactly “comment heavy” here at writingmylife… I am even going to close down comments. I am planning on voting tomorrow at my polling place–my children’s elementary school. You should vote, too, or not. Just make a decision one way or another. VOTE, if for no other reason than to get a free coffee from Starbucks

By the way I love the way the text in this add bumps its way across the screen. The ad copy is lengthy and of varying type size, but I want to read it. I took a graphic design class last semester, so I know a little bit about ads and marketing to your audience. The beige background makes the green letters stand out/pop out.

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