Love Thursday: Coach Dad

My husband is a big fan the Idiot’s Guide books–no jokes!

My Love Thursday post is about my husband, known on this blog as Coach Dad. He’s a good husband, good dad, and all-around good guy.

He has turned a blind eye to my desire to make blogging a “career” even though at this point I am making zero dinero. Oh, he occasionally will ask hopefully if I have found a part-time job, but he knows that I really want to give my writing and blogging career the good ole college try.

He is the sole breadwinner in our family…he provides for all of us with his job. He is a lifelong learner with several advanced degrees. The degrees have enabled him to get better jobs, which in turn helps us live the way we do…not fancy, but with our needs met. He did not get a chance to play sports in high school due to his mother’s ill health, but has made sure that our children play. He comes home from work early at least once a week to take a child to practice. He has coached soccer, basketball, and T-Ball over the years, and continues to coach volleyball. He’s also our resident math tutor since I am not the best person to help kids with math homework…I’m just saying.

He deserves the title Coach Dad on this Love Thursday. For other Love Thursday links:

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