Gift Guide: BlackSocks’ Funky Sock Collection

Blacksocks Funky Socks Collection
Disclosure: I was sent a pair of socks in exchange for writing this post. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

I’ve lost keys and cellphones. I’ve misplaced books and DVDs. I’ve lost gloves and hats. But I always find what I am looking for. I’m the finder of missing items. My children (and husband!) come to me when they lose something. I always find the lost item. Always. My motto is “Nothing is lost…missing permanently but NEVER lost.”

Except for one item. One item of clothing that we can’t live without. One item of clothing that we need TWO of and frequently can only find ONE. Socks. To be specific, odd socks. This item is the ever-elusive odd sock. Even I the “Finder of Missing Items” cannot find every pair of socks.

We are a family of five…two adults, two teens, and one tween. We have hundreds of socks…dress socks, school uniform socks, athletic socks, soccer socks, and more. I wash all the light socks in one load and all the dark socks in another load of laundry. You would think that I would have no problem matching all the pairs of socks. But you would be wrong.

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I currently have 30-40 odd socks. White socks. Black dress socks. Striped athletic socks. Solid soccer socks. But I never seem to find a pair for every sock. Even without my super-sleuth finding skills, there is no real hope of finding all the matching sock. So I keep washing these odd socks with the hope that the missing socks will turn up. There’s a solution, though. Buy ONLY colorful, bright, and vibrant socks. Colored socks are VERY hard to lose.

I was sorting socks the other day. Despairing at the ever-growing pile of odd socks. I abandoned a pile of mismatched socks to check email. It was a timely break as I got an email from about a NEW collection of socks. This new collection is called the Funky Socks Collection.

The Funky Socks Collection is a colorful departure from BlackSocks line up of black, navy, red, and gray socks. According to, the Funky Socks Collection will make your “outfit resound.” With every step you will “play” music and “experience music in your toes.” I was sent a pair of Funky SIX socks”a splash of colour on sky blue.” I love how colorful and snazzy these socks are. I will never lose this pair!

What You Need To Know About the Funky Socks Collection by

  • Socks come in a variety of different styles each covered in a special guitar design surrounded by a unique colorful pattern, Choose from Funky One through Funky Twelve styles of Funky Socks.
  • has partnered with famous Swiss blues musician Philipp Fankhouser to create the Funky Socks Collection.
  • Socks retail for $16.67/pair.
  • BlackSocks is also known for their Sockscription service, where customers can select the style, quantity, and frequency of their Sockscription.
  • You can order a Funkscription. You initially order 3 pairs of Funky Socks to be delivered. Three months later you receive another three pairs of Funky Socks. The Funkscription is $58 for 3 pairs. You can stop the Funkscription at any time.

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