Live Blogging My Afternoon

2:05 Door rattles. Garage door goes up. I immediately panic, as who comes in the house at 2:05?

2:06 It’s my husband. I’m dressed in pajamas. At the computer. Walk away from computer. Try to make it look as though I was doing something else. But the computer is in the dining room and unless I have the flatware out and a can of polish as if to create the illusion that I actually polish anything, I am very evidently sneaking away from the computer.

Now in my defense I just finished a marathon ironing and folding session, but still I feel guilty nonetheless.

2:10 Husband appears not to notice or is not shocked that I would be at the computer. He proceeds to turn off lights around the house that have been left on. It is not dark outside…the kids leave lights on all the time morning through night. There is much clucking at wasted electricity. He does not actually verbally complain but the harrumphing is clear.

2:14 Husband back downstairs for drink of juice — I should mention that husband is rarely home this early. He’s sick and has been for 3 days. Took two days ago off. Still not feeling well.

2:16 Husband mentions that there is a rotten smell in the kitchen. I tell him I was going to deal with. Hey, I was ironing and in the basement and the smell did not bother me. Fine. I. Will. Take. The. Stinking. Trash. Out. Harrumph. Now I am harrumphing.

2:20 Still at computer.

2:21 No sound from upstairs I guess husband is unconscious huddled under the sheets. Should I vacuum? Will he be disturbed? Right, must get the stinking trash.

2:35 Replies to an urgent e-mail. O.K. not urgent, but I really wanted to let Jumpstart know that I had heard from my winner!

2:40 e-mail sent and dragged self upstairs. “Self, get up stairs this instant.” Realizing must change in to clothes lest my daughter thinks I just sit around in pajamas all day. Yes, daughter and husband are clones of each other. Me meet Mini Me.

2:45 Dressed in exercise clothes as I am so going to the health club during the kids’s swim practices.

2:50 Walked past daughter’s room. Oh, she’s home. Not a moment too soon as I just got dressed in regular everyday clothes. Also, realizing that daughter’s room has a very “lived in” look. Lots of clothes and stuff on the floor.

3:01 Vacuumed kitchen and family room with my sad hose attachment since regular part of vacuum doesn’t work. Sniff.

3:17 Not sure what I have been doing…oh, yeah, writing this post.

3:18 Must go and get kids from bus.

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