Life Lessons from Mom on the Run

Shamelessly stealing this post on life lessons from jodifur. Here’s what I have learned in my 43 years on this planet:

Life Lessons from Mom on the Run

1. It is perfectly fine to wear maternity clothes for a year after the baby. If you are still wearing maternity clothes two years after having a baby, go and buy yourself some clothes that fit.

2. Wearing makeup is not mandatory.

3. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.

4. When you promise to do something with your children follow through. Children always appreciate any time you spend with them no matter how little.

5. Your house will always need cleaning, but when your child asks you to play with them…drop the mop and play.

6. Make your morning routine simple. Let children have responsibility for toothbrushing, dressing when they are able.

7. The mom in the white outfit and high heels is not to be envied, but pitied. She is missing out on her child’s finger painting activities.

8. Beware of friends who want you to carpool to children’s activities, to loan them items, or to babysit their children. This type of person is not a friend, but a person who wants to use you. Pick friends who are interested in you and your children, not what you can do for them.

9. Teachers are not God. The teacher may have your child in their classroom for the entire day, but they do not know what is best for your child. Be your child’s advocate in school. Stand up to teachers who would rather not have one more child/desk in their classroom.

10. Grandparents are very special people in your child’s life. If a grandparent wants to allow your child to do something that you are not O.K. about, pick your battles. If the activity is unsafe, express to the grandparent that you would rather not have your child play in a baby walker. If the activity is something you would rather they not to do, tell your child that they can do the activity at Grandma’s house, but not at your house. My mother let my child play with water in the kitchen sink, whereas I thought this activity was too messy.

Remember, have fun!

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