Kodak Gallery — New Designs, Faster Uploads and more!

A National Zoo friend.

A National Zoo friend.

To me a photo is precious no matter the format. I have “old slides turned in to photos” from my childhood (some are reversed), Polaroids from my preteen years, and the Disc camera prints. Anyone remember the Disc camera? Bueller?

Since around 2005 we are all digital in the Musings from Me household. I no longer take my rolls of film to Costco instead I have huge numbers of photos waiting on my hard drive for me to have time to scrapbook. Time — do you remember having time to do things for yourself? I can barely get myself showered, let alone do a scrapbook.

Enter Kodak. Kodak unveiled the new KODAK Gallery with better functionality, 9 cent prints, making it faster and easier than ever to celebrate their Kodak moments, share pictures and create personalized. The site was rebuilt usings customer feedback with special attention to providing the best experience from start to finish. Improvements: faster uplaod speeds,  and better photo sharing. Join today:  KODAK Gallery.

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