It’s a true gift. What is this gift that I have? The gift of klutziness. My friends it is a true gift.

It doesn’t matter where I am — fancy restaurant or in my kitchen — or what I am wearing — business attire or pajamas — I spill EVERYTHING. I can go to take a drink of Diet Coke and pour half the can down my neck. I once adjusted the strap of my shoulder bag while momentarily forgetting that I was holding a cup of coffee. You guessed it…I was covered with scalding, milky coffee. Another day I spilled a bottle of water in my bag while drinking the water. Classic klutzy move.

I’m not sure why but I continue to walk while holding a drink. Why oh why do I do this? I know what will happen. The drink will be juggled to the point where I am wearing the darn thing.

I need a bib or perhaps a rain poncho.

I’m a hopeless case. Any other klutzes out there????

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