Kindness Matters

JollyTime Kernel of Kindness

I think giving back to my community is very important. I give back through volunteering at my kids’ schools. through church projects, and by working at a local soup kitchen. I also participate in food, baby items, and clothing drives in my community. I regularly donate items or money to local charities. I want to showcase a member of community who is passionate about giving back.

I would nominate my local friend, Christine McComas, who experienced the greatest pain a mother/parent can feel when her precious teen took her own life after relentless cyberbullying. Christine went on to create the Grace K. McComas Memorial Webpage to honor her daughter, Grace. Christine McComas and her family went on to push for Grace’s Law to be passed in Maryland. Grace’s Law, a bill named in honor of a Howard County teen — Grace McComas — who committed suicide after she was bullied online, would make it a misdemeanor to repeatedly and maliciously use a computer or smartphone to bully someone under the age of 18.,0,4834495.story. Ravens player, Ray Rice, was a supporter of Grace’s Law.

Grace was a classmate of my daughter. Grace was born on October 9, 1996 and died on April 8th, 2012 (Easter Sunday@ age 15). She was a bright light from birth. Joyful, kind, and loved beyond belief.

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