Just the Laugh I Needed [Review]

Lately whenever I turn the TV on…and I seem to watc h a ton of TV lately…The Office is on. Now the funny thing is that I wasn’t a big office fan of either the original British version or the one with Steve Carrell. I watched a handful of episodes. But, now that the show is ready to go off the air or maybe it is already done, I am watching ALL THE TIME.

I guess I’m like that with shows. I rarely commit to a network TV show until it is about to go off the air. I’m not a jumping on the bandwagon type. I never watched LOST, for instnace.

A few weeks ago I heard about Childrens Hospital. I watch a ton o’ reality TV…too many shows to list. I’m not embarrassed at all. Love my reality TV! Well, what I thought was a reality show about a children’s hospital turns out to be a comedy about a troupe of clowns who brighten up kid’s who are staying in the hospital. Interesting…is what I thought when I heard about the show.

The cast is good. Remember Will & Grace? Grace’s wacky friend Karen…the drunk as I recall…is in in the show. Ever seen Hot Tub Time Machine or Unaccompanied Minors? Rob Cordrry is in the show as well. These two are funny, aren’t they? Jon Hamm is in the season finale. He’s the debonair guy from Mad Men. As well as a person from Glee. My Tween would know who it is. So the cast is a good one with regular cast and guest stars.

Here’s a synopsis of the show…to whet your whistle…I know after reading this you’ll be like me and want to grab the show on DVD. Childrens Hospital is a show on Comedy Central that revolves around the lives of the medical staff at Childrens Hospital. Starring an ensemble cast: Rob Corddry, Lake Bell, Megan Mullaly, and Harry Winkler, the Childrens Hospital medical staff aim to heal their patients through irreverant humor and unconventional methods.

The show is really quite hilarious. I caught it online. Irreverent humor. Kind of reminds me of The Office and Absolutely Fabulous. You know the type of show where the actors will say ANYTHING…and what they say is hilarious. I love the type of humor…kind of silly…a tad ridiculous…a smidge eye-opening. Full of awkward social situations. Not that I have had any. No, not me. Asking someone who is not pregnant if they are pregnant…oops. Having a hard time making eye contact with a medical professional who so obviously has a hard time making eye contact. My dentist used to do magic tricks. Nothing says…dentistry…like magic tricks…right???

I haven’t tried to find the show on TV. You know how it is. You search and search and give up. I’m tired of searching on my DVR for shows that should be On-Demand but aren’t. Lately, I have been buying DVDs. You know when I watch DVDs? I watch movies while working. I have a rotation of about 9 DVDs…I think a Childrens Hospital DVD would fit in to my rotation, don’t you? I need something funny. Check. Good cast. Check.

You can purchase the Childrens Hospital Season 1 & 2 on DVD on amazon. Oh, and the show returns for a third season!

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Childrens Hospital Season 1&2 on DVD. You can purchase a copy here. Catch it on the Cartoon Network. Don’t forget to buy Childrens Hospital Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD.

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