Jet Setter…Not

I’m sitting in a hotel room. No noise. The TV remote control all to myself. A nice dinner in the not too.distant future. But I miss my kids.

In my previous life, I never traveled I was the left holding the fort. These days I’m still not a jet setter. From time to.time, I travel to a conference or a blogging event.

One of the plusses of traveling is the hotel room. When I’m with my family, time spent in a calm. 5 people. 1 room. Equals mayhem.

Tonight I will enjoy the silence. Split time between one or other of the double beds. I’ll listen to the sound of nothing. Just the sound of my own breathing.

Tomorrow I’ll be back in my own bed, making breakfast and lunch, wrangling kids, and more. For today, I’ll enjoy the silence.

I was invited to visit KFC HQ, in Louisville, KY, as part of a blogger outreach trip. I was compensated for my time, travel, and hotel. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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