It Was a Puddle and a Big One, Too #cloroxlounge

It was an ordinary day. No preschool to rush to. A lazy day where I stayed in sweats. The baby hung out in her swing or bouncy seat or on her mat. I alternated between playing with my toddler and the baby. A nice relaxing day…

As I was bounced the baby on my lap, I heard a splash. Or a splat. I was in the family room, while my toddler was in the kitchen. Whatever could that sound be? Splash! And there it was again. The baby and I had to investigate. Was it a dripping fawcet? A spilled cup of water?

I rounded the corner to see my toddler jumping outside the bathroom. I looked at her cheerful face. I heard her sing a song about a puddle and jumping and a puddle. I looked down to see an enormous yellow puddle.

It couldn’t be? Was it? No! Yes! My toddler had had the mother of all accidents. The yellow puddle was creeping towards the baby and me. My toddler must have stored up every sippy cup of juice from our entire morning playing at home. I had forgotten to remind her to go. Looking at the large puddle…well…it was a little too late to ask her to go now.

Her dress, underwear, and tights were soaked through. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I did what I knew would work best. I had her help me mop up the mess. She was as excited to mop the puddle up as she was to sing about jumping in the puddle. Kids!

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