It Can’t Be Possible?!?

Taking the Train
This time tomorrow I will be preparing for BlogHer. I arrive at BlogHer on Wednesday. I’m leaving my family on vacation to go to BlogHer. I feel guilty about this…don’t get me wrong.

I know that my family will have a fun time without me. I’m not a beach person at all. I wear a swim suit, a long-sleeved rash guard, and hide under beach umbrellas while at the beach. Honestly, I should just buy a burqa.

My kids frolic in the waves while I cower in the shade. Oh and, did I mention that I am not a swimming in the sea type of person either. I’m kind of a kill joy on the beach…I guess.

While my family is swimming, I will be taking a train to BlogHer. I’m close enough that taking a plane would add hours to my journey due to transfers and connections. So, the train will get me to NYC!

Once in BlogHer I have a fun, very fun set of actvities, events, and sessions to attend. Will I get to all of them? I hope so. Am I planning to maximize my time at BlogHer? You bet. Will I sleep during my stay? Probably, as I am paying for the hotel room. I need to maximize my time in the hotel room, too.

Are you planning to go to BlogHer? Leave a comment and let’s try to meet! I’m a first timer. Looking forward to getting out of BlogHer as much as I can!

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