I’m a Hot Mess

…or at least I was last week and the beginning of this week.

Let’s see what happened to me:

  • I had chills leading to mild flu-like symptoms.
  • Developed a hacking, deep in my chest, yucky cough.
  • Had a case of constipation that was so painful. Add in hacking coughs and you can get a feel for the pain I was in. Sorry for the TMI.
  • Actually, had to beg off taking kids to a birthday party this weekend due to my general state of malaise.
  • Had to get my ask my husband to stay home from work to do the morning breakfast, get kids off to school, bus and car drop off.
  • Same day I had my husband play me in the morning, I completely forgot to pick my son up from school after sleeping all day. I had drugs in my system from the previous night’s impromptu visit to the doctor. Still can’t believe I forgot to pick up a child from school.
  • Dinner and practically every other meal since I got sick has been a thrown-together sort of mess.

Christmas? We’re not ready for Christmas at all. Sickness and schoolwork and general family scheduling mayhem means that Christmas is not done.

  • Put the Advent calendars out on December 8 after I realized both should have been out December 1!
  • Ordered photo albums for the grandparents’ gifts. One will arrive by Christmas and one just after. I’m sick about missing the shipping/ordering deadline.
  • Haven’t ordered Christmas cards but I’m giving myself tonight as the deadline to order. Will mail cards Saturday or Monday.
  • Christmas #1 is practically decorated. Thanks in large part to the helping hands of the Tween-now-Teen and the Kid.
  • The Kid assembled the trainset all by himself. Demanded the Dad buy batteries from Costco. Added the batteries to the Christmas train. Here’s a kid who is not about to let mom’s illness, dad’s illness, and his family’s frantic-ness get in the way of celebrating Christmas. Sometimes we need to look at a holiday or situation from a kid’s perspective, don’t we?
  • Christmas #2 is another story. Not assembled. We abandoned the real tree a few years ago. Too many needles for our poor vacuum to handle. Christmas #2 is a vision in silver, which complements all the Star Trek ornaments. [Personally, I’m glad to get the ST ornaments off the tree. There’s some a little un-Christmassy about having the Borg Cube and various Star Trek ships on the tree. Is it just me?]
  • Cushions, tree skirt, and table runners are in two large bags waiting to be hurled in the general direction of the couches, etc.
  • And finally the Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Nutcracker ornaments that I display on shelves, mantle, and other surfaces…with a dust rag, a can of Pledge, and a bottle of Windex I should be able to tackle the layers and layers of dust after my daughter’s concert this evening.

Still hacking a little today, but definitely in the land of the living. How are you today? And most importantly, are you ready for Christmas?

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