I Vant To Be Alone — Mommy MeTime

As a mom I value my free time. Although I can never fully relax since I am always thinking/worrying about my children. I’ve never been away by myself — I envy moms who go to a hotel or on a cruise by themselves or with a friend. But I do enjoy getting together once a month for my Book Club or a night out with friends.

My absolute favorite time alone is when I am home by myself and I can sleep, read a book, work on the computer uninterrupted. No kids asking questions. No 5-year-old talking about Star Wars. No 13-year-old pestering to use the computer. No 10-year-old needing constant reminders to practice the clarinet.

I treasure those hours when I am home alone until I hear the garage door open and my husband and children come flooding through the door. I love alone time, but love seeing my family back home.

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