I Play Chef for My Kids

It should come as no surprise to people who know me that I put things off. My procrastinaton genes run deep. Very deep. In the fall I said I would do roundup posts for all the articles I have written for other sites. Good itentions. No follow through. Until now…

I scoured the web — well, actually I clicked to the Family Dish website — to find posts from my stint as a Family Dish Ambassador. From my #FamilyDish and #TheFamilyDish Ambassador experience, I cooked up a storm. Not literally, but you get the idea. My mission to cook with and without recipes using at least one of the six featured Unilever foods as the featured ingredient for each recipe.

 Those who know me know that I am not a good cook. I cook because I need to feed my family, but I lack imagination and creativity with my dishes. For the Family Dish Ambassador program, I made a conscious effort to venture outside my comfort zone.

I present my Musings on Cooking or “How Not to Set the Smoke Detector Off” Posts…

Go to my page on The Family Dish to find more of my recipes.

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