I Can See the End of the School Year From Here [hand on forehead]

It’s that time of year again when we count down what is done in terms of the school year.


In the DONE column

  • School-year swim team
  • 13s Volleyball
  • 12 and under Volleyball
  • Family Religious Program
  • 5th Grade Chorus Concert
  • 5th Grade Art Extravaganza
  • 5th Grade Band Concert
  • Science/Enrichment Fair (5th and K)

In the soon to be DONE column

  • T-Ball
  • Clarinet Lessons

I’ll be sad to see t-ball go, though. My son was super excited to play but with rain he has only practiced 3-4 times and played about the same number of games. His uniform is super cute though — don’t tell him I said that as 6-year-olds don’t like to be called “Cute”!

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