I Can Find My Verizon Palm Plus Phone in a Haystack

I was searching for my phone the way I usually do:

  • Check bag. I use a canvas tote bag as a purse. It was my swag bag from the NYC Blogger Brunch. My bag holds my wallet, Coupon Caddy, various permission forms and school papers, 4 or 5 books (I’m a book reviewer), a bottle or 2 of water, and my phone,
  • Except when my phone is not in my bag.
  • I move on to searching last night’s pants or jacket pockets. No dice?
  • Look on kitchen table and counters.
  • Ponder whether tween scampered off with my phone to play Balloon Pop.
  • See tween using her own phone to change ringtones. So, if the tween does not have my phone…
  • Scratch head. Now getting perturbed that phone is officially MIA.
  • Realize that I did not look in the one place…the most obvious place. Where, you ask? The wicker phone caddy on the kitchen counter.

This wicker caddy was an innovation from yours truly. I am not what you would call a fashion forward type when it comes to my home. We have not changed the furniture in our house since we moved in the mid-90s. The furniture and any ornaments/decorative pieces are moved around, rearranged, and fiddled with, but the house remains unchanged from when we moved in.

phone,Verizon,mom,multitaskingThe wicker phone caddy is my stab at hiding the disorder and chaos of phone charger cords, cell phones, and the odd camera that is left there. Hello! I have a wicker caddy on baker’s rack for phones. So, I searched in the wicker caddy to find my phone. And do you know what? I found my new Verizon Palm Pre Plus phone immediately. The phone”s shiny black exterior is in sharp contract to the cream fabric liner of the wicker phone caddy and the multitude of dull black phones amid tangled phone charger cables.

Except in a dark room or when I am peering inĀ  to the deep recesses of my purse, I have no problem finding the Palm. The Palm Pre Plus is sleek and compact. Perfect for carrying in my pocket when I leave my purse at home. The phone is constantly on the move. No wonder I have so much trouble finding my phone!

I was given the Verizon Palm Pre Plus phone and one-month’s service as part of my review.

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