Holiday Gift Guide: Micro Chargers Launchers

The excitement of watching a kid open a gift is infectious. The eyes widen. The mouth goes slack. You can’t get the child’s attention. The kid is completely consumed by the package.
“What is in the package?”
“How can I open it as quickly as possible?”
“Why is it even wrapped!?”
“I want it now!”
The other day a box arrived in the mail. I review toys, games, and other stuff so from time to time boxes arrive. My son is our package spotter. He can spot a delivery item from his seat on the school bus as it approaches the house. One he sees the package, he must open it. No ifs ands or buts. More than once I have had to wrestle a package from his hands that was intended for my husband.
My son was thrilled to open the package. He knew it would be a toy. Don’t ask me how, but he can sniff out a toy…even if it is boxed. The toy was the Micro Micro Chargers Launcher Pack. He squealed. He jumped up and down. He ripped the package open. There was such a blur of movement from him that couldn’t immediately tell what the toy was. He told me that he knew all about the toy…of course he did…this kid knows toys.
The Micro Chargers Launcher Pack contained one quick charge micro car, one handheld charger, and one trading card. The car is teeny. The launcher pack sells for $12.99 and is recommended for kids 5 and up.
What the Kid Liked:
  • That the car worked immediately (after adding 2 AAA batteries…not included).
  • That the car was teeny tiny.
  • That the car was designed for an older kid, rather than a little kid.
  • That the car worked on the floor, carpet, and even a large bowl.
  • That the car zoomed around in all directions.

What the Mom Liked:

  • That the car is teeny tiny. Seriously, we live in a house crammed ot the rafters with stuff so any toy or item that takes up very little space is GREATLY appreciated.
  • That the batteries were easy enough for my son to install.
  • That the cars can be used on floors or with one of the Micro Chargers Track Sets.

Micro Chargers are available at Toys R Us, other select toy retailers nationwide, and Other sets available include:

A Micro Chargers Booster Pack is available in a red car or a blue car version.

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Stay tuned: More giveaways to come!

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