Holiday Gift Guide: Harry Potter for Kinect

Now available in stores and online!

I wasn’t the last person to jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon. I first learned about the books back when my oldest was in elementary school. She quickly zipped through Junie B. Jones and the Magic Tree House series. Before long she was chomping at the bit to read something else. She was a voracious reader, but still so young.

She took me surprise one day when she said she wanted Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  She saw it at her school’s book fair and had to have it. Since she was so young…about 7…I decided to read a long with her. Actually my husband did the lion’s share of the reading. He plays a game with the kids where he will read 2-3 pages, then they will read 2-3 pages. With longer books, his method of shared reading helps kids to stay focused, and actually finish the book.

I’m sure there are a few stalwart souls out there who are not in the know about Harry Potter. But, for those of us who love anything Harry Potter, there is a new HP game. It’s for the XBox Kinect. I haven’t played it but it looks absolutely AWESOME.

So here’s the scoop…

  • Harry Potter for Kinect uses the facial scanning feature made possible by Kinect.
  • Players will be able to play as their favorite characters from the series.
  • Players will also be able to create a wizard or witch in their likeness that puts them right in the game.
  • Since the game is controller-free and voice recognition capabilities, players will be able to cast spells, interact with professors and students, play Quidditch™, and more!
  • The game has been rated E10+ (suitable for ages 10 and older).

Earlier this summer, videogame publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment partnered with Zooppa to hold a contest inviting all musically inclined Harry Potter™ fans to create their own original, fantasy-inspired music track for the Harry Potter™ for Kinect™ videogame trailer. The winner for the contest has been chosen: Sam Dillard of Texas.

How much does my family love Harry Potter? Let me show you the blog posts…

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