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Craft time has always been a fun time in our house. While I am not and have never been the mom who gets down on the floor to play with dolls or cars, I love doing crafts with the kids.
My daughter was about 1 when I did my first craft with her. Nothing elaborate.  Nothing too messy. I probably chose one of those painting books where you use a wet paintbrush to reveal what is on the page. Not messy at all and she LOVED it.
As time passed, our craft time became a little more involved. I introduced finger paints, painting with a brush, stickers, and glue. One craft kit that my daughter received as a birthday gift was a hit. This kit combined painting with stickers. A win in my daughter’s book. She placed these homemade stickers all over the windows. She loved expressing herself through the stickers.
We were sent a new craft kit recently…that reminded me of that old craft kit. It is Gelarti Scene Pack. The process for making Gelarti Scene stickers was very straighforward…
  • Place your Gelarti sticker sheet onto a flat surface.
  • Squeeze the Gelarti paint pen to add color to your sticker.
  • Apply the color in thin layers.
  • Let the painted stickers to dry for at least 6 hours, or for best results overnight.
  • Once dry, peel off the backing sheet and apply to smooth, clean surfaces.
What the Kid Liked:
  • Easy to do.
  • Stickers can be used over and over again.
What the Mom Liked:
  • The Gelarti stickers are quite flexible and durable.
  • The beauty of these stickers is that you can move them from place to place. We all know how frustrated kids get when their stickers rip.
  • When you want to move your Gelarti sticker, peel off, and place it somewhere else.

The Gelarti Scene Packs retail for $9.99. Perfect for birthday or holiday gifts. Gelarti Scene Packs come in a variety of types:

  • Ocean Mermaids
  • Funky Fun/Rock
  • Nature Butterlies
  • Forest Creatures
Gelarti Scene Packs are available at Toys R Us, other select toy retailers nationwide, and
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