Holiday Gift Guide: Dicecapades! Kerfuffle!

“There’ll be a lot of kerfuffle.”

I remember like it was yesterday my grandmother warning me about an upcoming commotion or fuss or kerfuffle. She was all about anticipating potential disaster. I definitely inherited my “it will end in tears” attitude from my grandmother. Kerfuffle is one of those words I like to drop in to conversation every now and then. Like discombobulate. You have to love words like these.

A few Thursdays ago…Thanksgiving Day to be precise, we decided to seek out some good old commotion through good ole fashioned game playing. Our family of 5 is all about seizing family time. True some are more in to it than others, but a little game playing on a major holiday is always fun.

The game: Dicecapades! Kerfuffle!

The players: The Tween, The Kid, The Mom

The watchers: The Dad, The Grandfather

The nonwatchers: The Teen — curled up in bed reading a book, the Grandmother — popped in from time to time to watch the game.

The object of the game: In the game — Dicecapades! Kerfuffle! — players choose a color of dice. We had a minor squirmish or three over the color each person needed to have. Oy! Players roll their dice to create a pair, four of a kind, or a straight by lining the dice on the grid. But, there’s a catch…a twist if you will…

The catch AKA what will keep everyone playing a long time: Each player has to do something while taking their turn…like turn around three times in a circle, or jump up and down, or any number of crazy moves. The players liked doing the moves, but I have to tell you that the watchers had just as much fun watching everyone play the game. My FIL thought it was hilarious that The Kid had to run around in a circle while taking his turn.

The verdict: The game was a hit. Easy to play after an initial discussion about what was a straight, four of a kind, etc. We had never played a dice game before.

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