Holiday Gift Guide: Blok Squad Construction Site

When my son was born, my oldest was finishing up 1st grade while my youngest was finishing up her last year of preschool. As the school year began for both girls the following August, my son and I were left in a strangely quiet house. From 8:10 until 3:30 p.m. it was as quiet as a church. Well, as quiet as a little baby in a church.

Soon, my son and I found our rhythm. He was awake most days to see his sisters off to school. Took two short naps, which became one slightly longer nap. Our day revolved around meals, the arrival and departure of the school bus, and vehicles. Over his 5 years at home, he and I played cars, read about cars, visited train museums, toured the fire engines at the local VFD, and sought out construction sites. He could never have enough vehicles.

Large or small…it didn’t matter to my son. He was mesmerized by earth movers, cherry pickers (still not entirely sure what this machine does), steam rollers, and diggers of all kinds. Our local library became the site of the new community center construction project. We spent many a morning hanging our heads out of the van window watching paint…uh…tar dry. He loved it. I loved watching him. Any question he asked that I didn’t have the answer to…see above question about “cherry pickers”…was answered by a quick walk to the library.

My son was a happy kid as he boarded the school bus that first day. I kinda of miss the sounds of kids playing as I toil away in my basement office. One sad part of having three kids in full-day school is that we have to cram a whole lotta stuff in to the evenings. Sports practices, occasionally games, music practice, homework, and even play dates with friends can only occur between 3:30 p.m. and bedtime, and of course weekends, but we’re still busy.

Many nights my son must occupy himself while his sisters finish up homework as they have more homework than he does. A key source of entertainment for him is construction toys. From building with bricks to erector sets, he wants to do them all. A recent kit that arrived in our home had him jumping up and down with great excitement. What was the toy you ask? Mega Bloks’ new construction set from the Blok Squad line.

Unlike me he was not daunted by the “395 pieces.” Quite the contrary he dove in to the box and started constructing the Blok Squad Construction Site one vehicle at a time. By the looks of his finished products, the Blok Squad Construction Site includes a Workers’ Truck with Optional Trailer, a Track Loader, a Road Roller, and a bunch of construction workers with shovels, wheel barrows, cones, and guard rails.

Want to learn more about Mega Bloks Blok Squad Construction Site?

  • Item #2462
  • 395 pieces
  • Recommended for 5+
  • Price: $19.99
  • Where can you buy it? A link on the Mega Bloks site says that this product is not available yet at offline retailers. You can leave your email to be notified when it is available. But, I found it at…though it was out of stock. Other Blok Squad sets were available at Until then you can buy it through my amazon affiliate link.

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I was given a Mega Bloks Blok Squad Construction Site to facilitate my review by Mega Brands and ChildsPlay PR. I was not compensated for this review.  I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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