Hard Posts to Write

I have writer’s block from time to time. I’m not a trained writer. Whatever that is. I was an English major. I copyedited and product managed for a publisher for years, so I know good writing when I see it. But, I’m not a journalist.

My writing either works or it doesn’t. When it doesn’t I will edit and proofread and rewrite and eventually post the darn thing in desperation. I have to post something.

The posts that are easiest to write are the review/giveaway posts. Now picking and choosing winners can take longer. If you entered a giveaway recently I’m picking winners…I mean it!

The posts that are most difficult to write are ones to do with my family. That’s funny isn’t it? I’m a mom blogger so my family should be easy to write about. Wrong. I have a teen and a tween, so I must pick and choose what I write about. Both girls read my blog. It would be awkward to post photos or write something that both found embarrassing. Come to think of it almost ANYTHING I post would be considered embarrassing by one of them.

I could do with a good poop-barf-pee story any day of the week. Mom bloggers with babies and toddlers have it made — in my opinion. ANYTHING my kids did from age o-7 was extremely bloggable.

The posts I can’t write are about my family. Why am I unable to write about my extended family? Two reasons:

  1. Their stories are not mine to tell. I blog about our family of 5 only. I make a reference now and then to grandparents or aunts and uncles, but rarely go in to detail. I will post photos of the grandparents, but not of other members of my extended family.
  2. I cannot blog about issues involving my extended family. I have about 10 pages of e-mails that I will not blog about. The issues are too private for me. This past week I wrote some of my most heartfelt, deep, and moving writing about a series of issues in our family. I can’t write about any of it. As much as I am disgusted by the behavior of others I cannot write anything for all the world to see that might embarrass someone now or in the future.

So, I stick to the posts I can write about. I am grateful to have a place to write down my thoughts, views, hopes for the future, and anything else that crosses my mind. Yay for blogging!

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