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We go through phases in life, don’t we? Phases where we are super active and always on the go. Phases when we are completed devoted to our jobs. Phases where we are obsessed with hobbies. When I was in college, I was totally and utterly immersed in the music scene. I was a college D.J. I hosted a weekly radio show. I amassed a collection of LP and single records…I’m old. My dorm room was covered from floor to ceiling with posters of bands. Whenever I could I roadtripped to rock concerts. When I drove, I tuned to a radio station playing “my music.” At home, I watched hours of MTV…I’m old enough to remember when MTV played ONLY music videos! Music was life.And then I graduated college, got a full-time job, acquired a killer commute, and took grad classes. Life changed. Music took a back seat to job, grad school, and everything in between. I commuted by subway. iPods and MP3 players hadn’t even been invented! Even when I finally got an iPod and then a smartphone, listening to music at home via streaming, in the car, or while working wasn’t a priority. My kids and husband listened to music on headphones and via streaming services, but not me.

Recently, while standing in my newly renovated and updated kitchen, I couldn’t help noticing the quiet. It was during the school day. No kids running in and out. No dishwasher buzzing in the background. No noises of cars passing by. Totally immersed in the quiet, I realized it was TOO quiet. Too still. Too much silence. It’s funny how one day you are “at one” with the quiet and the next day you can’t stand it.Though I don’t usually listen to music at home, I do listen to music in my minivan. My very silent house is in need of some good tunes. As luck would have it, I was contacted about reviewing a new music streaming device.

The streaming device I reviewed is the Google Chromecast Audio. After a few hiccups locating a speaker with the correct input, I hooked up the Google Chromecast Audio to the speaker. Once the Google Chromecast Audio was connected to the speaker, I downloaded the Google Home app to my phone (also available from the App Store). With the Google Home app downloaded, I clicked on my music app of choice: Pandora. Seamlessly music was streamed from my phone through my speaker, thanks to Google Chromecast Audio. The crystal clear sound was tremendous! Isn’t technology wonderful?

I wasted no time finding a music station to listen to through Google Chromecast Audio, my phone, and my speaker. My Pandora Station of choice? The 80s Pop Radio! I was instantly transported back to my college DJ days. Soon the guests at my daughter’s 21st birthday dinner were treated to the sounds of Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, and more.

With tunes streaming from the speaker, I could simultaneously stream music AND check my text messages and email. Google Chromecast Audio streams music using WiFi not Bluetooth for a seamless music listening experience.

What You Need To Know About Google Chromecast Audio

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