Good News and Bad News

The good news I am quite healthy per the doctor. The bad news I need to lose weight per the doctor. No surprise there. Yay for honesty of medical professionals. Boo for cold hard truth.

I do need to lose the excess baby weight…it’s a little embarrassing that my oldest is 13. Who’s counting, but that’s a long time to “plan” on losing weight. I will say that I am making some efforts. I’m exercising twice a week. I am playing ball outside with my 5-year-old. I’m eating…well, therein lies the problem.

I am a snacker, a grazer, a nibbler. I’ll eat dinner and then not too long later have a snack. I don’t eat lunch most days, but more than make up for it in the after-dinner munchfest. It’s me and a bowl of chips and melted cheese and 24 and I am set.

So, an exercise program alone will not help my weight loss program. I need to couple an exercise program with an eating less program. I already workout twice a week when the kids are at swim team. But, more exercise is needed…one more per workout week would help. Here’s to making it happen!

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