Go to School or Not?

First time ever since switching to WordPress I lost a post. Huh! This happened to me all the time with Blogger. Happens frequently 0n one of the sites I write for. My posts get lost so much that I copy and save each time so I don’t have to recreate. Grrr.

My lost post…the highlights…

– Son with barky cough.

– Son took fever medication at 1 a.m.

– Bus due in 15 minutes.

– School looks unlikely, but kid is fever free. However kid took meds at 1 a.m. so fever is masked.

– Kid is barking like a seal.

– In our family we call this type of cough the “Barky von Schnauzer” cough. We also call the person Barky von Schauzer too!

– Saying funny things over and over again. Yep, we beat a phrase in to the ground on a regular basis over here at the Musings from Me house.

– Bus is 1 minute away. Barky von Schnauzer is still coughing.

– Sick day it is.

Luckily for me my son is very good at entertaining himself. Also, he is not miserable at all. We’ll see how he is in an hour or two. Hope his fever is a thing of the past!

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