Holiday Gift Guide: KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Set [Giveaway]

The changing forms. The deep, radio announcer-like voice. The shape shifting from car to robot and robot to car. Until I saw the first Transformers movie, I truly did not “get” the whole Transformers robots thing. The TV show seemed like a hodge podge of animation styles. The voices indistinct. The plot line meaningless. I didn’t “get” it.

Everything changed once I saw Transformers on the small screen. All the shape shifting and grinding of gears made sense. I looked at all of my son’s Transformer toys in a new light. Suddenly, that yellow half car, half robot made sense. I saw how proud my son was of shifting from yellow sports car to Bumblebee.

A new Transformers toy is now on the scene. In fact, I saw the unveiling at the Hasbro HQ at New York’s Toy Fair.  KRE-O is a new line of construction building toys. With each KRE-O set, young builders can do two types of builds:

  • deconstruct a robot to create a vehicle
  • disassemble a vehicle to build a robot

My son is quite the builder of stuff. Part engineer and part artist, he likes building structures by following precise instructions as much as he likes tinkering with assorted bricks and wheels to create his own masterpiece.

I have a KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prime set for one lucky reader! Designed for kids ages 8 years and up. The KRE-O Transformers Sentinel Prime Set contains 386 pieces. Kids can create a powerful Autobot first with a shield and sword, and then use the same pieces to create a fire truck complete with three ladders and KRE-O figures. The set comes with a launcher brick for blasting action.

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