Friday Wrapup

I posted over on my continuing journey to lose weight. Today’s topic: Friday Fitness

Today I am feeling energized after a phone conversation with Chad from This site has a growing listing of restaurants perfect for families with children 12 and under. The site lists restaurants by state, which offer kids meals. As a mom of 3 I am always on the lookout for deals and, more importantly, ways to avoid cooking. This site is a win-win for me.

My new friend, Sean Callahan, invited me to be an alpha tester over at I am not sure what an alpha tester does, but I am enjoying posting over there and pointing out bugs in the program. My screen name is Mom on the Run.

This weekend is a busy one:

Tonight — Crafty Daughter has a middle school dance. Let me reiterate…I will not be chaperoning this dance. I will leave it to other parents to watch a bunch middle schoolers and their own brand of drama.

Tomorrow — Adventure Boy has a bowling alley birthday party to go to. Present is purchased…thanks to Black Friday shopping. The bowling alley is possibly the most fun party for my kids.

Crafty daughter has a birthday party tomorrow night. Her friend is turning 13 and there will be a limo ride to a mystery place with dinner at their house afterwards. So, let me just say that this will be my daughter’s 2nd limo ride in 2 weeks. Lucky girl. I’m 43 and I have only been in 2 limos.

Sunday — Volleyball practice times two (Crafty Daughter and Sporty Daughter). I need to find something to do with Adventure Boy.

Swim Team Cookie Meet for kids 10 and under. Fun swim meet with lots of events and of course, COOKIES. I’m a volunteer…I hope I get a calm group of kids. Lucky for me cookies are after the meet!

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